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Dragon Dreams

Long before the time of humans, even before the time of dinosaurs, a great and wonderful dragon flew near the sun. The dragon felt the warmth of the sun and decided, "this is the place to warm my heart."

And so the great dragon took its tail in its teeth, curled itself into a huge ball and slept as it circled around the sun.

As time passed, the skin of the dragon became covered with dust and moisture, and mountains and oceans began to appear on the surface of the sphere that wrapped itself around the dragon's heart.

The dragon dreamt of many types of plants and animals that came to live in this great land of the dragon's heart.

After some very long time, the dragon dreamt of a special "human" creature. This creature had many wonderful traits, but the dragon's dreams became troubled as it dreamt that these humans might destroy themselves, the other creatures and the very land of the dragon's heart in which they lived.

The dragon dreamt that some of these humans became confused and moved the "H" from the front of the dragon's heart to the end, and thus the dragon's heart became Earth. They seemed to think the Earth had been given to them to do with as they wished.

With our music, dance, poetry, art... our garden ... our appropriate use of science and technology... or simply by the way we live our lives, we can sweeten the dragon's dreams, return the "H" to its proper place and nurture the warm heart of the dragon.

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